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No sooner had MSNBC begun to brag about how right-wing their "talent" roster has gotten than they spent a week demonstrating just how badly they've lost their GOT-damned minds. It's been a long time coming, but here are six examples just from the last week.

1. Hillary’s Domination of Donald Trump is ‘Almost Masculine’

Feminist writer Liz Plank used this gendered shorthand on Chris Hayes' show, and Hayes even chimed in with agreement:

2. Chuck Todd Is Really Sad Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Didn’t Congratulate Each Other

On election night this week, Chuck and his panel spent a good three minutes being disturbed that Hillary Clinton didn't congratulate overt racist Donald Trump:

3. Rachel Maddow Thinks Trump Was "On-Message"

Maddow gives and takes away style points for a speech in which Trump referred to "our African Americans" and misidentified his own key issue:

This is what happens when you spend too much time palling around with dumbasses like Nicolle Wallace.

4. Chris Matthews Makes Bold Declaration About Racism

How far has Trump moved the needle at MSNBC? This is now what passes for insight about racism:

5. Calling Out Racism With Blaccents and Domestic Violence

Tell me, Chris Hayes, what's funny about this Ike Turner joke?

6. Thanks, Obama! You Ruined Hillary's Big Moment by Being Black 8 Years Ago!

Maybe it shouldn't count because it's Morning Joe, but even for them, this is deranged:

I have to watch MSNBC because it's my job, but no other liberal should, at least not during the week.