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The latest issue of Banter M, our digital mag for members is now out! In this truly epic edition: 

I Spent a Day with Muhammad Ali, and Here's What He Was Really Like - Ben Cohen speaks with former Australian Olympic coach Sean Kneebone, who spent an entire day with Muhammad Ali back in 2000. In this enlightening and hilarious interview, Kneebone reveals what the greatest heavyweight of all time was like in person.

The Age of Post Reality - "This is where we are now: in a place where reality doesn't matter anymore," writes Chez Pazienza of modern day America. "Reality is what anyone believes it is....Don't like something? Just don't accept it."

I Was the Target of a Donald Trump Campaign -- In Middle School - Jamie Frevele recounts what it was like being on the receiving end of a vicious Donald Trump style campaign, back in middle school. Are we really going to subject an entire country to this, she asks? 

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