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Senator Elizabeth Warren continued her campaign of terror against Donald Trump this weekend by devoting most of a 13-minute speech to vaporizing the Republican nominee. I'm not so sure the subject matter is the most effective way to diminish Trump to voters, but I don't think that's the point, either:

Warren's running theme isn't that Trump is a horrible, scary racist, it's that he's a tiny-dicked, greedy child. The repetition of the theme is pure Trump rebranding, but voters aren't her main audience, he is. On that count, her strategy is working like a charm.

Here are all of the anti-Trump bits strung together. I like most of it, but the dismount was a little bit too blinkered for my tastes. Citizens United doesn't excite me all that much, and it's had little to do with Trump's success. Other than that, though, A+.