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It has become something of a media pastime to sift through the detritus of Donald Trump‘s online media archives in search of something no one has noticed before that might pop. While I was pretty sure that Trump’s 1993 interview with Howard Stern had already been picked through for comments about the women in his life, I checked it out anyway, and noticed something else weird.

At the first commercial break, Stern tells Trump that later in the show, he’s going to ask to look inside Trump’s wallet. Then, a few commercial breaks later, Stern asks for the wallet, but instead of handing that over, Trump reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out a fat stack of unwrapped cash. That’s a weirdly convenient thing to have at the ready when you’re coincidentally trying to demonstrate that your financial situation has bounced back, but what’s even weirder is when Stern fans the cash out for the camera. Take a look:

You can’t see all of them, but the five or six bills that are visible enough to make out are all single dollar bills. That means either Donald Trump really did carry around a sheaf of small bills in his jacket pocket instead of his wallet, or someone procured the flash roll during a commercial break for Trump to use as a prop. Maybe some enterprising reporter can settle this at Trump’s next press conference.