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As part of my extensive interview with The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur this week, I asked him about some of the statements made by Bernie Sanders' most prominent surrogates, although unfortunately, not about this one. He offered an interesting explanation for why Bernie doesn't take a harder line with them, which I'll get to in a minute, but first, I want to show you what he had to say about Rosario Dawson bringing up Monica Lewinsky at a rally a few weeks back. 

Cenk argued that while the sex scandal itself was ridiculous, the Clintons' treatment of Lewinsky should be in-bounds, but then made a reasonable concession:

Unlike a lot of Democrats, and even unlike Cenk, I take a much dimmer view of Bill Clinton's behavior because of the age and power differential. He was her boss, so it wasn't just a personal issue. However, tarring Hillary over it has never made sense to me, and in the end, Cenk conceded that for the most part.

As for the rest of Bernie's surrogates, Cenk made an interesting point that I hadn't thought of, arguing that Bernie's prominent backers are a "merry band of, like, ten people on his side" that he can ill-afford to shed members of: