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If I were a Bernie Sanders supporter right now, I'd be pissed at CNN, too. Not because they had the gall to report the true facts about the bullshit FBI "investigation" into Hillary Clinton's emails, but because of this:

Turner: Senator Sanders will continue in this race because millions of folks who already voted for him, and we still have millions of folks in this country yet to vote. And it is not over on Tuesday, it’s far from over.

Camerota: Here’s why we say it is over on Tuesday, it’s the math. Clinton needs 9% of the remaining delegates. He needs 107% of the remaining delegates. There’s not a poll in the world to show Bernie Sanders getting 107% of the remaining delegates, Nina.

The joke is on them, though, because it really isn't over until Bernie says it's over. Even after the convention, he and his fans can make life extremely difficult for Hillary Clinton if nobody talks them down. Having a supposedly neutral party rub it in their faces like this won't help.