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At the risk of sounding glib about a very serious subject, I guess we're going to do this again, huh? We're going to once again re-litigate a 24-year-old case that's already played out twice before in exacting detail but to the satisfaction of almost no one. We're going to do this in the notoriously unreliable court of public opinion because that's the only place it can be heard anymore. We'll go through the same motions we went through last time and once again nothing will be resolved, because it simply can't be at this point. It will still come down to one person's word against another and to court documents, testimony and facts that have remained unchanged for nearly a quarter-century. We'll do this because Ronan and Mia Farrow continue to insist, some would say rightly, that justice was never done for Mia and Woody Allen's adopted daughter, and Ronan's sister, Dylan Farrow.  

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