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Turns out I was wrong, this is not the smartest thing Sarah Palin has ever said or ever will say, this is:

That was Palin introducing Trump at a rally in San Diego on Friday, and in the space of two seconds, she blew away every poll-tested attack line on Donald Trump with the simple three-word moniker "Golden Wrecking Ball." 

It's not just that one perfectly-faceted thousand-karat diamond of a nickname Palin uncovered, but an entirely new way of thinking about cracking Trump. Elizabeth Warren has nailed the attitude required to take Trump down, but Palin has unwittingly delivered the tactical plans to the Trump Death Star.

Trump's Republican opponents have tried everything they can to insult, mock, or otherwise negatively brand Trump, and Democrats have mainly tried to think of terrible adjectives to describe Trump and his policies, words like "xenophobic" and "demagogue," or "unqualified loose cannon" and "bully in the pulpit."

These work just fine on people who already don't like Trump, but to the dopey "independent" voters who watch "The Apprentice" and decide every election, those attacks only reinforce the attributes that Trump is selling. 

What Palin has discovered is that the key to defeating Trump through branding is to figure out how to sell him even harder to his dumbest fans. It denies Trump the victimhood he seeks, while presenting voters with a much clearer vision of the choice they're making. 

It seems logical to call Trump a racist, but anyone who's persuadable on that point already agrees. Anyone who isn't will see that as an attack on Trump, and maybe even on themselves for kind of liking him. But if you think of the best way to sell Trump to his racist fans, who don't see themselves as racist, then you'd have something. 

I'm not a genius like Sarah Palin, but calling him "Gold-Power Donald," for example, would be a subtle but very effective alternative to "racist" that would still deliver the "white power" message, but would also let moderately resentful white people know that he's only using their anger to empower rich white people.

One of Trump's other supposed attributes is "strength," so instead of trying to scare people by describing him as a "loose cannon," use a nickname that a dipshit who likes Trump would find appealing, like "Duke Nuke 'Em" or something.

The rest of Palin's intro is replete with this sort of salesmanship, including her "boast" that Trump supporters are "garden variety pissed-off Americans" and her weird riff about how Trump "rattles" world leaders that somehow ends up with Trump rattling:

President Obama deserves some credit here, as well, because he helped uncover this womp rat-sized exhaust port when he said world leaders were "rattled" by Trump, which Trump then proceeded to brag about.

That's how Trump can be more easily defeated, by figuring out ways to appeal to his twisted ego, getting him to repeat your attack lines, and thereby deepening the chasm between Trump fans and everyone else. Don't blast him for making sexist remarks, call him "Ladykiller Trump," I guarantee "You bet I'm a ladykiller!" becomes part of his stump.