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President Obama has tried really hard to put up with this extended primary race, but at a press conference in Japan Thursday morning, the mask slipped a little. Well okay, a lot. First, he was asked to weigh in on Trump (not a fan, it turns out), and then about the Democratic race. He tried to keep the conversation "both-sided," but when you use words like "grumpy," and when you get that funny look on your face like you're really forcing yourself not to say "Hillary" instead of "eventual nominee," it gets pretty obvious, and Obama is obviously ready for this to be over:

Still not convinced? Well, the mask fell completely off when he was asked specifically about Bernie's attacks on Hillary, and replied in terms that left no doubt who he was talking about:

 During the course of a primary, people say what they think might help them get some votes. And once the campaign’s over, they move on.  

What's that old Latin saying? In Jetlag Veritas?