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Jeb Bush Attacks Obama Over Veterans Crisis, Forgets His Brother's Disastrous Legacy

Jeb's understanding of reality has reached an all time low.
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Jeb Bush

Spectacular failure of a presidential candidate Jeb Bush has much to despise his own brother for -- the primary being the toxic name he has been burdened with given his elder brother is synonymous with disaster at every level of government. 

So when Jeb decided to go on the attack over President Obama's record on Veteran Affairs, you have to seriously wonder whether he has any awareness of just how badly he has been screwed by his own brother. Tweeted Jeb today:

The article refers to the VA mistakenly declaring thousands of veterans to be deceased and canceling their benefits over the past five years -- a terrible error given these men and women have given their lives for their country and now have to contend with a bureaucratic nightmare to get vital medical and psychological help. 

Of course Jeb doesn't take into account the fact that Obama has fought tooth and nail to reform Veterans Affairs department, authorizing over $16 billion to ensure veterans get better access to the health care they need. These reforms have been vehemently opposed by Republicans, who have not only blocked these attempts but actively tried to cut veterans' benefits in the name of their religious devotion to austerity and opposing anything Obama proposes. 

There are still many problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs, but many of them can be directly traced back to George W. Bush, who not only sent thousands of soldiers to their deaths over one of the greatest lies in modern history, but swept the bureaucratic problems in the VA under the carpet for years for the next President to contend with. 

Just as the failures in the Middle East are Obama's fault, despite him not being President and not voting to go to war in the first place, so too is the crisis in the VA despite his attempts to fix what his predecessor helped break. 

Jeb Bush believes his brother "kept America safe" during his tenure, a remarkable claim given the largest terrorist attack on American soil in history happened on his watch. Jeb Bush no doubt also believes his brother has done wonders for veterans in America, despite sending them to war under false pretenses, then refusing to pay for the horrendous physical and psychological damage they endured. Jeb Bush probably believed his brother's reputation was a great boon to his presidential campaign. And we all know how that turned out.