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Why would a Democratic presidential candidate go on Fox and Friends if it wasn't to try and attract resentful white voters to upcoming open primaries? Hell if I know, but that's what Jeff Weaver did Wednesday morning, spending a good two solid minutes bitching about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her "personal" problems with Bernie Sanders. Note how, right at the beginning, Weaver doesn't disagree when Doocy says Sanders fans will "go nuts" if DWS opens the convention:

The fun part came when it was time for Weaver to pay the piper. After airing his laundry list of grievances against the DNC and Hillary, Weaver was afforded the opportunity to explain Bernie's "socialism" to these three idiots, all while they played footage of rioting in Venezuela. For good measure, Kilmeade got in a quick parting shot right at the end:

Yeah, that'll attract a ton of angry old white Fox viewers.