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If you've stopped paying attention to things that are said by NRA lunatics because they just run together like a batshit smoothie, I sympathize, and the only reason I bring up Ted Nugent at all is for the exceptional lack of self-awareness he showed Sunday when he told the audience at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting that child molesters have a "100% recidivism" rate, and so NRA members should just shoot them on sight:

I guess it's a lucky thing the venue was probably a gun free zone, because Nugent himself has such a thing for underage girls, he once made himself legal guardian to his underage girlfriend, and bragged to VH1 that he routinely preyed on young girls by buttering up their (presumably awful) parents:

For good measure, he also called President Obama the Devil:

And what a shock, he endorsed Donald Trump, whose daughters are now thankfully too old to interest Nugent.