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On Sunday's Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Hillary if she'd consider billionaire dudebro and Orrin Hatch donor Mark Cuban as her running mate, a question whose only correct response is a gushing spit-take and a guffawing "Fuck no!"

CHUCK TODD: I did a interview with him earlier. He expressed serious interest. If you called him up and said, "I want to vet you to be my running mate," he'd listen. What do you say to that?

SEC. HILLARY CLINTON: I think we should look widely and broadly. It's not just people in elective office. It is successful businesspeople. I am very interested in that. And I appreciate his openness to it. 

I like how she turned it into a slam on Donald Trump, but after you've just gotten through saying how the first requirement of a running mate is being able to assume the presidency, you cannot then turn around and not laugh out loud at the suggestion of Mark Fucking Cuban, who says he would mull it over even though he doesn't like "Things like college tuition and, you know, other business elements that really I think could hurt the economy."

More broadly, when you're locked in mortal combat with a rock-star economic populist, that is the wrong time to say you're considering loading up your administration with millionaires and billionaires. Fucking hell, never say that again!

 On the positive side, even though this made me really angry, the rest of the interview was good, and Hillary is wisely keeping to a media strategy that relies on quality, not quantity, when it comes to the Sundays. Watching anyone, Bernie Sanders or otherwise, say the same thing on three different shows is exhausting, for him and for us.

Big picture, I think Hillary is wisely allowing Trump to peak early, so that when she hits the nitrous after the convention, Trump will have nowhere to go, media-wise.

The Sundays were pretty sparse today, so I'm going to spread them out over a couple of posts. As I said, Bernie did three shows this week, and while some folks are whinging because he said Hillary's negatives show people view her as the "lesser of two evils," I think people are overestimating the degree to which anything Bernie does now will affect Hillary later. He's not going to give Trump a better sound bite than he already did with that "unqualified" bullshit.

I found Jake Tapper pressing the point about getting superdelegates to overturn the will of the voters much more interesting:

I've written before that I don't think Bernie will actually try and overturn the pledged delegate result, that he's just saying this stuff to retain his fundraising and political leverage, and I still believe that. The problem is that by arguing so absurdly against himself, and being coy with his final answer, Bernie is also eroding the thing that makes him attractive to many voters. This is transparently bullshit.