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Watch Bernie Sanders Try His Very Best to Say "Cenk Uygur"

It could happen to anyone, I suppose.

My good friend Cenk Uygur gave Bernie Sanders a rousing introduction Wdnesday night in Vallejo, California, and this is how Bernie thanks him?

#BernieLostMe when he couldn't say Cenk's name. I know you're all thinking this could happen to anyone, but no, in eleven-plus years, I have never said Cenk's name wrong. Spelled, yes, but pronounced, no.

Cenk's intro included something of a #Bern at Hillary Clinton supporters,  who have used #ImWithHer as a rallying cry for months:

Fair enough, but given his sexual history, I'm willing to bet Bill Clinton was first to #FeelTheBern. 

Here's the full intro: