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While reporters on Capitol Hill were busy obsessing over the slow destruction of Paul Ryan's dignity, they missed a bombshell at Tuesday's House Republican Leadership press conference. House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, better known as "David Duke without the baggage," stepped up to the mic to explain the House GOP's plan to combat the Zika virus, and not only does it include shorting President Obama's funding request by over a billion dollars, it also includes more Republican water-poisoning:

 Now, even what Scalise says he's proposing, which is to remove permit requirements for spraying pesticides, is a terrible idea, but that's not even what the bill he cites actually does:

This bill amends the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency or a state from requiring a permit under the Clean Water Act for a discharge from a point source into navigable waters of a pesticide authorized for sale, distribution, or use under FIFRA, or a residue resulting from the application of the pesticide. Point source pollution is waste discharged from a distinct place, such as a pipe, channel, or tunnel.

I guess there's still too much unpoisoned water for these guys.

For any conservatives who might wander in here, the bill also stomps all over states' rights, because while Scalise says it applies to EPA permits, it actually applies to state permits as well, and states are the ones who issue most of the permits.

If our media was worth a shit, this would be the big story out of this press conference, not 20 seconds of Paul Ryan losing his dignity.