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Insufferable bigot Ted Cruz has put out what will hopefully be the last campaign video we ever have to see from him, and as entertaining as it is to watch Cruz and his minions delusionally talk about how they "did the impossible," and how their losing campaign was the best political team of all time, five fucking minutes of Ted Cruz is 4:59 too long, even with quick cuts and lens flare. To take your mind off things, help count along with me as we see how many white people Ted Cruz can cram into this thing now that he no longer has to pretend he cares about anyone else, and no longer have the funds for Shutterstock:

That is one white-ass loser victory video. I mean, a Trump rally on Hoth isn't that white. 

There are no states with a higher percentage of white people than this video, but believe it or not, there are actually six states that are less black than this video. And they LOST!