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Texas Senator and spokesman for Resting Overly-Sincere Face Syndrome Ted Cruz turned up in Dallas over the weekend to give his first speech since the Republican presidential race scraped him off the bottom of its shoe. Things started out fun, with Cruz speechifying at length about how Texas and Carly Fiorina and a bunch of people I skipped for brevity helped him "do the impossible":

I'll admit, getting your ass beat by a racist orange idiot with the strategic sense of a Magic 8 Ball sounds tough, but you're both Republicans. It wasn't impossible, it was inevitable.

But then, things got ugly, as Cruz used the occasion to attack children who just want not to be discriminated against, and also called President Obama "the bathroom police." 

If you don't already know what's wrong with this, you probably wandered onto this site by accident, and you can go read more about it here