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It was a real competition this morning to see which Morning Joe bro could say the dumbest shit about that NYT article on Donald Trump's treatment of women, but Donnie Deutsch wins because he's got the best quote. "Donald Trump is a feminist" because Donnie Deutsch also sexually harasses women in the workplace, is the apparent gist:

Mark Halperin's was actually much worse, but not as pullquote-worthy because you have to understand what's in the article to get how fucked up it is. In the clip above, he even references "comments in the workplace" that constitute sexual harassment, but the article also details non-consensual "groping" under a dinner table, which is sexual assault, yet Halperin asserts there's "nothing illegal" alleged in the NYT piece:

As a bonus, Halperin expressed his butthurt later in the show at how "people with blogs can cherry-pick live comments": 

I've invited Halperin to tell me what I missed. Waiting.