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It was pretty slim pickings on the Sunday shows, as none of the presidential candidates made appearances, but thankfully, we at least had Reince Priebus to kick around. The RNC chair and Buster Bluth lookalike had a long day trying to defend Trump from the fake PR guy story, and a new New York Times piece about Trump's past with women. Before we get to those, though, Priebus has a new piece of messaging that he's rolling out for Trump, one which is supposed to make voters ignore pretty much everything they ever find out about Trump. Here's a little taste of Priebus making this pitch on all four shows he appeared on:

I could be wrong about this, but most people think earthquakes are bad, and now that we're out of the paranoid, anarchic primary process, I think Priebus overestimates how this message will sell with the general electorate. It is spooky, though, how much he sounds like Susan Sarandon.

Sadly, Jake Tapper deserves a medium-speed clap for being one of the few journalists to unequivocally report that Trump has already admitted he's the fake PR guy, as he did here when he pressed Trump's campaign manager:

Unfortunately, Trump is unlikely to come out of hiding for any journalist who has a spine.

Priebus is taking a weird tack on that NYT story, saying Trump "will have to answer for" the allegations, but also that he doesn't really care about them even if they are true:

Sherrod Brown kinda dropped Jake Tapper in the shit by reminding people that he wore a Trump tie during an interview last year, and Trump is so toxic that Tapper felt the need to circle back and clarify that he did it to make a point:

Here's that interview, from 6/28/2015:

And finally, Priebus spun a conspiracy theory about the fake PR guy and the women story being planted by Hillary Clinton, and unlike Tapper, these guys didn't even blink:

The rest of the Sundays were your usual panels and political packages. Let's hope there's a little more on the menu next week.