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Welcome to this weeks' Sunday show highlights, which kicked off with the usual Slap-Chop slam poetry of former Alaska Governor and current Olivia Newton John Album Cover Sarah Palin. Amid all the usual folksy pro-Trump derp, though, was a moment of self-awareness and insight so stunning, it was like watching a newborn baby sit bolt upright and begin reciting Shakespeare:

Palin also did something genuinely awesome, endorsing Paul Ryan's Republican opponent Paul Nehlen. Can you think of a more fitting fate for Ryan than to be turfed out of office by Sarah Palin?

John McCain was asked if Donald Trump should retract his statements about Mexican rapists, and his response was "Oh, I don't know." He then talked about the importance of Hispanic votes, but never called on Trump to retract, nor did he acknowledge the racism. Calling Mexicans rapists is only a problem to the extent it costs votes:

Another slow-clap for Chris Wallace, who challenged NC Governor Pat McCrory to give any examples where transgender bathroom policies had ever been a problem. Side-note, McCrory begins this clip by apparently signaling he will cave:

Quick note to Gov. Fucknuts: the cities weren't "setting bathroom rules," they were preventing discriminatory bathroom rules. None of those laws says who can and can't use a bathroom.

Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos that Paul Ryan can shove his party unity:

Here's an interesting trend to watch. I've talked a lot recently about how powerful a weapon President Obama will be in the general, and it seems like maybe Trump knows it, too. He was given two chances to attack Obama, and took a hard pass each time. Trump is right to be scared of Obama:

It wouldn't be a Hillary Clinton interview without some derpy emailgate questions, and CBS News' John Dickerson did not disappoint. He served Hillary several options from the Self-Flagellation Tapas menu, but right at the beginning, there's an important bit of misinformation that's taken root among anti-Hillary types. They somehow got it into their heads that CNN's recent report included the notion that Hillary or her team have been contacted to set up an interview:

Of course, that's not what their reporting said, it said the FBI is planning to set it up soon. Here's Hillary's full interview:

As if I haven't already hammered this point home enough, Al Sharpton completely nails the degree to which Donald Trump is not at all different from past Republican nominees. McCain's primary opponent Ann Kirkpatrick needs to work on her talking points, though, because the one she uses here, which she repeated over and over in the interview, didn't make a lot of sense in this context:

There are more problems with intersectionality for class-obsessed Bernie Sanders. HIV/AIDS activist Michael Rajner told Joy Reid this morning that his group feels "Berned by the Bern" after Sanders' campaign has snubbed repeated requests for a meeting, even being less responsive than Donald Trump's campaign:

Finally, Larry Wilmore faced off with Al Sharpton over his use of the n-word at the WHCD, and although they didn't end up agreeing, Wilmore told a story that could be helpful in understanding why black people don't give a good fuck what white people think about the issue:

Whatever their disagreements, Larry Wilmore and Rev. Al and pretty much every black American has (at least) one story like that to tell, one which informed their opinion on the use of the n-word. No one else does.