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Donald Trump has been mixing it up with Senator Elizabeth Warren on Twitter lately, and tried to go next-level on her at a rally Friday, calling her a "goofus" and a "basket case," and repeating her new "official nickname" of Goofy Elizabeth Warren:

Now, I may not think that Elizabeth Warren should be vice president, but I do think that Trump is going to quickly find out that Warren and Hillary are not the 'droids he's looking for. He got away with fucking with his Republican rivals for so long because none of them had the balls to risk alienating his followers. Hillary and Warren are not so constrained, and are each tougher on their worst day than anyone in that GOP field.

And that's not even to mention Hillary's other secret weapon, No Fucks Obama. The sooner Bernie sits down and shuts the fuck up, the sooner we get to see him.

Also at Friday's rally in Eugene, "Oregahhhn," Trump amusingly and accurately referred to his own speeches as "spew":