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CNN has been reporting all day on the news that all those Hillary Clinton opponents who have been hoping against hope that the likely Democratic presidential nominee will be indicted as a result of the FBI review of Hillary’s email server are about to be sorely disappointed. According to CNN correspondent Pamela Brown, the FBI is close to wrapping up the “investigation,” and thus far have found “no criminal wrongdoing”:

For those of you who think Chez is doing a premature victory dance, and that maybe CNN's reporting is somehow outweighed by previous reporting, here's something to keep in mind. In addition to all the other reasons this has always been horseshit, if you look at the reporting that has later been debunked, like the 147 FBI agents that were working on the case who turned out to be 12 guys and maybe some interns, the sourcing is always a thinly-veiled attribution that translates to Republican leaks. 

This is different. A news editor would be hard-pressed to allow a reporter to describe Republican lawmakers and aids as “US officials.”

What that means is that this is likely an agency leak, likely from the State Department. Now, I understand that there are some who will opine that State isn't exactly impartial (Cenk), but number one, I'll take them over a Trey Gowdy leak any day of the week, and number two, there's very little advantage to them setting a false expectation in this regard so close to the end. Drop out, Bernie.