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Since day one the Hillary Clinton private e-mail server "scandal" has been like so many other controversies the GOP has engineered and tried to hang around Clinton's neck over the past quarter century. In other words, it's been bullshit. A minor issue in search of the usual complete right-wing meltdown. The unfortunate thing this time around, however, has been the ferocity with which the left has grabbed onto this and tried to use it as a cudgel against Clinton, basically doing the work of Republican strategists for them. For weeks now, certainly more and more as their candidate's path to the Democratic nomination has dwindled to nothing, angry disciples of Bernie Sanders have prayed out loud that the FBI would step in and do to Clinton what Democratic voters refused to: end her ascendency to the White House. 

Well, that sound you hear is both a million Republicans and a million Sanders fanatics screaming to the heavens. That's because, according to an exclusive CNN report, sources familiar with the FBI probe of Clinton's private e-mail server are saying that as the investigation nears the end, so far "investigators haven't found evidence to prove that Clinton willfully violated the law." The CNN story highlights the fact that several of Clinton's closest aides, including Huma Abdedin, have provided interviews to the feds and that the investigation is centered solely on the e-mail server. It also states that these interviews, including one still to come with Clinton herself, are a routine part of a probe like this and therefore shouldn't be taken as evidence of guilt. But again, CNN's sources say that there's no guilt to speak of anyway. 

So, yeah, this thing is very likely going to end the way it started -- as a giant pile of nothing concocted out of thin air by desperate Republicans and championed recently by even more desperate conspiracist wack-jobs on the left. Clinton still wins the Democratic nomination and if recent polling and all conventional wisdom is to be believed, she wins the White House by stomping Trump's dick in the dirt. And that, maybe more than anything else, is the ultimate justice for a Republican party that's spent so many years irrationally demonizing its political enemies that its efforts actually gave birth to an insane, uncontrollable rage monster named Donald Trump. 

By the way, I really hope someone's put H.A. Goodman and Cenk Uygur on suicide watch today.