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There he goes again. Truth-challenged Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver got busted by WaPo's fact-checker over claims he made on MSNBC the night before the Indiana primary:

  I’m no blind believer in fact-checkers, especially Glenn Kessler, but in this case, even with the added context, he’s on the money. The short explanation is that Weaver’s claim that “over 120 superdelegates switched their quote-unquote allegiance in that process” includes mostly supers who switched after Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race. Only 28 superdelegates switched before then, and as Kessler notes, only 10 of them switched before the last primary votes were cast.  

Until very recently, I’ve been on Team Bernie when it comes to his continuing in the race, but it’s getting more and more difficult to maintain that position. I’ve always liked Bernie Sanders, and I would like to think that he’s not really deluded enough to believe he can still win using any of the various schemes he and Weaver have laid out, and that he’s using the remainder of his run mainly as leverage to get his supporters’ voices heard in the party platform and at the convention, and with a tiny side-purpose of keeping his iron in the fire just in case.

However, with Donald Trump now on the march and Hillary Clinton needing a clear shot at him, in order for Sanders’ quest to matter, it has to be righteous. There is a righteous case to be made that superdelegates should support Sanders in states that he won, which is one of the cases Team Sanders is making, but not if they then say shit like this:

I'm with Bob and Chez on this: time for Bernie to drop out. The lies, illogic, and delusion are ruining him.