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In this week's edition of Banter M, our long form digital magazine for members:

The Facebook Death Star and the End of Clickbait - Daily Banter founder Ben Cohen reports on what it is like navigating a website in the post clickbait era of the internet and coming to terms with being a lowly subject in an industry almost completely reliant on Facebook for survival.

Can You Not Like the New "Ghostbusters" and Not Be a Misogynist Prick? - Chez Pazienza argues that the negative reaction to the Ghostbusters trailer was at least partially an angry overreaction by misogynistic douchebags, but also because it intrudes on the magic of the 1984 classic. Is it ok to say that without being labeled a sexist?

Like a Virgin - Tommy Christopher takes us on a behind the scenes adventure from his time reporting on Hillary's Pennsylvania primary victory celebration in Philadelphia in 2008 - his first time covering a live political event. 

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