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With Ted Cruz's spectacular flop in Indiana last night, the last viable Republican candidate to stop Donald Trump has officially left the presidential race. In the wake of Cruz's departure, the Republican party is now in free fall and must contend with the stark reality that they are staring into the abyss. 

The GOP cannot control Donald Trump, and they know it. He is too volatile, too rich, and too popular amongst Republican voters for the party bosses to tell him what to do. While they still have some leverage, The Donald still holds the cards and he has shown no reservation in playing them when he feels the party is trying to control him. 

There is no way the Republican party will back a Democrat -- particularly not a Clinton -- but they must come up with a plan to siphon votes away from him in the general election and make a statement that the long term viability of the party is more important than a single election. This probably means running another candidate independently -- a strategy that will no doubt result in electoral failure, but lets them excise the cancerous Trump without overtly supporting a Democrat. It is a heavy price to pay in the short term, but by backing Trump, they ensure the destruction of their party for good. 

There are still moderate, decent Republicans left in America, and they must now search their conscience in the coming months and decide what direction they want the country to go in. There are already signs of a mass exodus, but it is also up to Democrats to reach out to them and attempt to build bridges around a common cause. 

It should not need repeating that Donald Trump is a severe threat to the survival of human life on planet earth, but we have 7 months of campaigning left until the general election, and the point needs to be driven home relentlessly. The thought of Trump having access to the nuclear codes should be enough to motivate any sentient person to vote against him in November, but political tribalism runs deep in America and there is much work to do. While Trump's election isn't likely given the demographics of the country and his extraordinarily bad national polling numbers, it is likely enough, and that possibility means a mass, coordinated effort will be needed to ensure he gets nowhere near the White House. 

The Democrats must carefully construct a strategy to drain the swamp around Trump -- a difficult task given the likely nominee is going to be Hillary Clinton, an object of extreme hatred in Republican circles. But it can be done with the right tone and enough support from moderate Republicans willing to publicly come out against Trump. 

The aim of this united effort must be to destroy Donald Trump in no uncertain terms. He cannot be placated, negotiated or tolerated. Trump is a dangerous cancer tearing up his own party and threatening to infect the entire democratic system in America. This cancer must be isolated, weakened and cut out so that it can never return and threaten its host again. Nothing short of a complete humiliation at the hands of the Democrats, his own party and the voting public will make him go away, so it is time to work together with everyone willing and get rid of Donald Trump once and for all.