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Ted Cruz is a vile human being. On second thought, he lacks many of the qualities that define what it means to be human, so we revise: Ted Cruz is vile. Full stop. Therefore, I have no concerns whatsoever about adding insult to injury, following his announcement that he's dropping out of the Republican race for president, by posting this video.

You might recall how Craig Mazin, Cruz's roommate at Princeton, has been tweeting hilariously nasty revelations about the misshapen fish monster and sitting Texas senator. Some samples of Mr. Mazin's excellent work:

I can only imagine how truly horrendous it must've been to deal with Cruz as a college student -- a college student with poor hygiene and that doughy punch-me face -- sleeping in a bed two feet away and speaking in that halting, melodramatic cadence, predicting his future of world domination. To that last point... HA!

Anyway, an industrious videographer named Ron Frank decided to visit a Cruz rally and to borrow from Jimmy Kimmel's playbook. So, Frank went around and asked Cruz supporters to read out loud Craig Mazin's nasty tweets about their messianic child-beating leader. And the results are hilarious.