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Believe it or not it actually does get exhausting repeating the same facts over and over again, if only because facts shouldn't have to be repeated. In a sane world, facts would be bulletproof, adhered to by any and all and denied only by the those wretched, unbalanced souls who had long since been marginalized by society. But we don't live in a sane world anymore, as evidenced by the man who was just officially anointed the presumptive Republican nominee for president, and therefore indisputable reality has to be hammered home for the dense and delusional again and again and again. So, one more time for the cheap seats, here it goes: Bernie Sanders is not going to win the Democratic nomination and he isn't going to be president. It's over for him. He will not win. He cannot win. Period. If you deny that at this point, you don't deserve to be taken seriously in any discussion with normal people. Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. That is a fucking fact.

Now, here's an opinion, but it's one based on fact: Every minute Bernie Sanders continues to attack Hillary Clinton and rile up his spoiled, pissy little political neophyte minions to despise her with the fire of a thousand bong hits, he's denying the Democratic party the very unity it absolutely needs right now. With Ted Cruz and John Kasich officially out, Donald Trump is almost certainly going to be the GOP nominee for President of the United States; this is a notion that should send chills down the spine of every decent, responsible American. As Jonathan Chait described him today, "Trump for President is a category error. He is, as his rivals have described him, a charlatan, a con artist, a congenital liar, a man self-evidently unfit for office at any level, and especially the presidency." True, the Republican party's relentless pandering to bigots and resentful regressives who see their country changing and can't handle it created the Frankenstein monster that is Donald Trump. But none of that matters now. Now it's up to the Democrats to clean up the mess. And make no mistake: the Democrats are the only thing that stands between all of us and President Trump.

This last point is, again, a fact. A third-party candidate isn't going to win against Trump and, yet again, Bernie Sanders isn't going to be the Democratic nominee for president. What that means is that Hillary Clinton is the only viable choice against Trump -- should he definitively get the nomination -- so should you want to do the responsible thing and vote this coming November, you can either cast your vote for Clinton or you can cast it for Trump. Those are your only two legitimate choices. The thing to keep in mind is that should you, as not simply someone whose politics lean left but as someone who considers him- or herself to be a decent human being, choose not to vote for Clinton because you're irrationally untrusting of her, you're basically voting for Trump. You're making it that much easier for him. Should you, by the way, choose to vote for Trump -- the way some Sanders fanatics have threatened to -- as a protest vote or a means of supposedly ushering in the revolution at light speed, well, you're a fucking idiot. You are a fucking idiot.

At this point in the race, Hillary Clinton is already in general election mode -- as well she should be, because she's going to be the nominee for the Democrats. But rather than accepting reality, backing off and, as he promised to, working to defeat the Republicans by changing his tone and bringing the party together, Bernie Sanders not only continues his fusillade of bitter attacks on Clinton's character but has actually ramped up his smears. His latest ridiculous claim involves accusing Clinton of "money laundering" by raising funds for state parties through her Clinton Victory Fund. Not only is a statement like this offensive, it also has the added bonus of being utter bullshit. It's the kind of thing that so reeks of desperation and is so indicative of a decent campaign's death rattle that it's actually difficult to imagine someone of Sanders's alleged character stating it. Then again, Sanders did say just a few days ago that he still plans to take his fight all the way to a "contested convention," apparently not quite understanding what a contested convention actually is or means. 

This is where Sanders is now, though. This is all he has left. It seems as if he's spent so much time bathing in the warm, comforting delusions of his meme-posting super-fans that he's unwilling to acknowledge reality and so he's obviously decided to keep pushing on while ratcheting up his anti-Clinton rhetoric. But it's not going to work. Oh, it can put a strain on the Democratic party as it attempts to unify behind its certain nominee, but it won't do a thing to win him the nomination or deny it to her. Sanders can shout all he wants about how the very superdelegates he once decried as undemocratic should now abandon Clinton and consolidate behind him; his fabulists at The Young Turks, US Uncut, and deep within the hallucinations of H.A. Goodman -- as well as Sanders's own wife -- can beg the FBI to swoop in and save the day by indicting Clinton; his disciples can make #DropOutHillary a trending topic. All of it is for nothing. He's going to lose and she's going to win. Literally, all he and his supporters can hope for now is, as today's hilariously pointless Twitter campaign makes clear, that Clinton just gives up and willingly drops out. And she ain't gonna.

Donald Trump is as genuine a threat to the United States as any we've ever experienced, certainly internally. And he's now the GOP's guy, whether they like it or not. He's almost certainly going to get his ass handed to him in the most embarrassing way possible come November, but it's never wise to rest on assumptions and the Democrats should be doing everything in their power right now to back Hillary Clinton and prime her for the fight that's already begun. In fact, they are. Most responsible Democrats are. It's only Bernie Sanders and the children who worship him who have decided they're going to go down screaming, crying and pounding their feet because they can't have what they want. They're the ones refusing to accept undeniable reality here. They're the ones throwing the tantrum rather than conceding graciously or at the very least dialing back the crazy. And the saddest part about that tantrum: like everything else they've done, it'll all be for nothing. It isn't going to win them a damn thing.