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Watch Lyin' Ted Cruz Lie To Disabled Man's Face About Health Care

It's not surprising, but still difficult to watch.

You've got to give Ted Cruz something like credit for being willing to stick to his stupid-ass guns even when it means telling some dad "Yeah, fuck your disabled son," but then again, I guess that's exactly the kind of credit John Boehner was giving him this week.  While pressing the flesh with voters in Evansville, an older couple introduced Cruz to disabled voter Scott, and told Cruz that the Affordable Care Act had "made a difference," to which Cruz responded with a big fat lie:

People familiar with things like "math" know that Cruz’s assertion that “millions have lost their health care” is a fucking lie. The uninsured rate has fallen from 18% to 11.9% since the Affordable Care Act took effect, or about 20 million people

The rest of the Indianans seem perfectly happy to let Scott lose his health insurance, though, as long as Cruz will pose for a selfie with them: