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Hands down, the highlight of this week's Sunday shows was Jake Tapper struggling his way through an interview with presidential candidate and serial irritant Ted Cruz, who has this maddening way of pausing... for no... good reason... thenspeedingup whenhewantstopivot awayfromyourquestion then pausing...some...more... andspeedingup againwhenhesenses thatyouwanttoaskanotherquestion. Here are the highlights of Tapper's reactions to Cruz, including an audible sigh of recognition toward the beginning that this is going to be one of those interviews:

The second-best thing was Tapper's game attempt to push back at Cruz's hateful and dangerous assertion that non-discrimination laws allow full grown men to go to public bathrooms with little girls, because I haven't seen any other journalist even bat a fucking eye when Cruz says that shit:

Jake Tapper's interview with Hillary Clinton suffered from having taken place two days ago, so most of the good bits are out there already, but this bite about working with Bernie on the platform was encouraging:

Over at Fox News Sunday, Donald Trump made (gasp) kind of a good point when he said that Bernie Sanders' remarks about Hillary Clinton being unqualified for the presidency were worse than Trump's comments about her. He's wrong, but the goodish point is that everyone sort of missed Bernie's dismissal of Hillary's accomplishments during that kerfuffle, a theme that his surrogates have continued to hit:

Ted Cruz was on, too, and Chris Wallace did his damnedest to make Cruz answer a fucking question, but the Dark Side was too strong in this one. Did Chris Wallace want to punch Ted Cruz in the face as badly as Jake Tapper did? I'm betting yes:

Ted Cruz is going to say whatever the fuck he was going to say anyway, so the best you can do is squeeze in a bit of non-bullshit in between the smarmy laughs. That's what Chuck Todd managed, and it was kinda beautiful. At one point, Chuck comes this close to saying "This is what people hate about you" before swerving at the last second. I swear, Chuck was about to cut a fool: