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Bernie Sanders Jeff Zeleny

One of the great moments for Hillary Clinton at Thursday night's debate, and one of the worst for Bernie Sanders, was when Dana Bash asked Bernie to give just one example of a decision that Hillary made that was influenced by campaign contributions, and Bernie completely shit the bed:

Now, Bernie was able to recover somewhat thanks to Hillary's awful decision not to have released those transcripts months ago, but that's not the point. After the debate, CNN's Jeff Zeleny, without even the thinnest pretense of reporterdom, straight-up reminded Bernie what he should have said:

Yo, Jeff, isn't that the other Jeff's job? Jeff Weaver?

That bankruptcy bill attack was floated in February, and even then, Bernie was tentative about using it, while Hillary smacked it down hard. I haven't heard it since, and I don't think we will hear it again, and if Zeleny had been reportering instead of advising the Sanders campaign, he would have asked the obvious question: Did Elizabeth Warren tell him to cut the shit, and keep her name out of his attack emails? I'm betting that was it.