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My good friend Cenk had a bad night. The poor guy endured a four-hour delay, only to be kicked off the flight after the plane finally arrived because he yelled at a supervisor for making him wait four hours. He live streamed a good 40 minutes of footage from the ordeal on his Facebook page, but here's a little taste of his confrontation with the supervisors who finally showed up:

As of this writing, he's still in LA:

Look on the bright side, Cenk. You'll make millions selling Samuel L. Jackson the script for Cenks on a Plane.

Update: Two things. First, most of the reaction I've seen has been in Cenk's favor, but I will say two things about this. Because he cursed on the video, I'm sure that American Airlines has whatever cover they need for keeping him off the plane, but this is a disaster for them. A lot of people have criticized Cenk for not just dealing with it, but let me tell you, normal people who don't care who Cenk is, or that he's a liberal, or that he's pro-Bernie, or whatever you don't like about him, will look at that video and go "Yeah!" 

You could buy a brand-new laptop for what it costs to fly, yet people are nicer and more responsive than that if you have to wait 20 minutes for a table to eat a $30 meal at Applebee's. 

The second thing is: Cenk is on the plane!