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Andrea Mitchell Ted Cruz

While campaigning in Wisconsin Monday, Senator Ted Cruz was involved in an incident that has our best political minds at loggerheads. At issue was an awkward moment in which Cruz refuses the offer of dairy-themed headwear from his young daughter, only to then explain that the snub was committed in order to avoid a politically damaging image:

Exit question: where in Wisconsin can you buy food that's "a little bit spicy?" 

As far as it goes, the moment is a gentle and unfortunate reminder of the artifice of political campaigning, for a candidate who is known for artifice. 

Or, if you're Mark Halperin, Mika Brzezinski, and particularly Andrea Mitchell, this was an epic political near-miss:

What the fuck are these people talking about? At least Halperin appears to be one-quarter kidding, but Mitchell is deadly serious, she really thinks Mike Dukakis lost the presidency because of that photo, and that Cruz was wise to snub his kid. Earth to Andrea: Ted Cruz is a disaster of a human being and the worst potential president we have ever had. Maybe squeeze in a little reporting on that in between goofy hat updates.