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Breitbart Reporter Defends Sarah Palin's Attack on Bill Nye With The Dumbest Argument Ever

This has to be the dumbest argument ever.

Rightwing hate site is vying to become one of the major sources of anti climate change propaganda with its regurgitation of lies spread by prominent media figures like Sarah Palin and ludicrous documentary films like "Climate Hustle". 

Breitbart's latest foray into the "debate" over climate change (that isn't actually a debate given the stupidity of the anti-scientific stance taken by the far Right) is as stupid as you would expect from a site run by toxic little twerps like Joel Pollak. Reporter James Delingpole decided his credentials writing for -- a site that runs articles like this --  qualified him to weigh in on the climate change debate with a full throttled defense of Sarah Palin's recent attack on Bill Nye

"To those of us living in the real world Palin’s remarks are just straightforward common sense," writes Delingpole. "Climate change is the biggest scam in the history of the world – and Palin knows it."

And the source of Delingpole's scientific data uncovering the so called myth of climate change? A speech he gave at a far right anti-tax organization

Continued Delingpole:

Palin also has a considerably better record on actually saving the environment than Bill Nye does. When she was Governor of Alaska, she was the first state governor in the US to create a sub-cabinet position to study climate change and offer recommendations. Being in charge of America’s only arctic state, she felt a strong responsibility for protecting it, and always held the oil and gas industry to the toughest environmental standards.

What she doesn’t tolerate, though, is green bullshit. As a hunting and fishing outdoorswoman she knows the score, especially where the supposedly doomed poster child of the environmental movement is concerned: that’s why she once sued the federal government over its (utterly dishonest, politically driven) listing of the polar bear as an endangered species, when populations have, of course, been rising for the last fifty years.

All of the above is of course, utter bullshit. Sarah Palin's record on the environment while in office was, to put it charitably, atrocious. According to a report on Seattle PI in 2008, Palin failed in every way possible to help protect the environment in Alaska, and actively made it worse. Here's how she fared on climate change, polar bears, and oil and gas drilling:

On climate change: 

Although Alaska is ground zero in the crisis of global warming, Palin has done virtually nothing to address the problem except hold meetings and appoint a "climate sub-cabinet" that likewise has done little. Lots of talk, no action. Although in the past two years the Arctic summer sea ice shrunk to the lowest levels ever recorded, Palin apparently does not believe it is human-induced or cause for alarm. She was asked to establish an Alaska Office on Climate Change, anAlaska Climate Response Fund (based on a tax on Alaska oil production) and emissions reduction targets for Alaska, but has taken no action on those requests.

On polar bears:

Palin filed suit against the Bush administration over the federal listing of polar bears as threatened, saying that her opposition was based on a "comprehensive scientific review." But when asked to release the scientific review, she refused. The document, later obtained by the public (from the federal government), clearly shows that, contrary to Palin's assertions, the state of Alaska's marine mammal scientists agreed with the federal conclusions that the polar bears are in serious trouble because of global warming and loss of their sea ice habitat, and that they would be gone from Alaska by 2050. Palin clearly decided to oppose the listing in order to protect Arctic oil and gas development, then publicly misrepresented the basis for her decision, and then tried to conceal all of that. Having run for office on a platform of honesty and transparency, this behavior was neither. Her extreme position here puts her to the political right of the Bush /Cheney administration.

On oil and gas drilling. 

Palin has supported oil and gas drilling plans anywhere in Alaska, including in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the central Arctic, the entire Arctic Ocean, and in fish-rich Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet. On her watch, regulation and government oversight of Alaska oil facilities is terribly lacking, and she has declined to establish a citizens' advisory council to provide more effective public oversight of the expanding oil and gas operations in Arctic Alaska.

Of course Delingpole doesn't use any legitimate sources to back up his arguments, because Palin's actual track record reveals what anyone with a functioning brain can see: she doesn't understand the science behind climate change, doesn't care about it, and has worked tirelessly to ensure the oil and gas industry can continue to pollute the environment without government oversight. Bill Nye on the other hand, has worked tirelessly to inform the public about the dangers of climate change and present the actual science behind it

But of course Delingpole lives in the "real world" where all of this evidence is actually liberal propaganda, and we can go on cooking the planet without consequence. 

Except of course, we can't