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I missed this last night on Fox Business Network, because who the fuck watches Fox Business Network, but they were crowing about it on Fox and Friends Friday morning, making it out like Jane Sanders is drooling over the prospect of a Hillary Clinton indictment. This, as I've noted here recently, is now a thing among Bernie dead-enders.

So, the short answer to the titular question is "kinda?" In her interview with Neil Cavuto, Jane Sanders starts out decently, refusing to attack Hillary over the Clinton Foundation and basically just repeating their existing, somewhat discredited attacks about fundraising:

So then, Cavuto pressed about the FBI "investigation," and that's when Mrs. Sanders went to Bernie's old hedge about letting the "process" play out, with one little kicker right at the end:

Ha, ha, yeah, I'm sure Jane Sanders wants "the FBI to move it along" so that Hillary Clinton can be cleared of any wrongdoing (which she definitely will be) before the convention, for the good of the party, and not so they can indict Hillary (which definitely will not happen, sorry) and back Bernie right into the nomination he couldn't win with voters, right?

Well, however she meant it, it's making Jane Sanders a star on Fox News, whose interpretation is, for once, pretty much fair. I can't think of any other way in which the speed of the FBI "investigation" would have any bearing on Bernie Sanders or his supporters.