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Rush Limbaugh Defends Donald Trump's Sexism With The Dumbest Argument in History

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Rush Limbaugh: an expert on sexism. 

In response to the criticism Donald Trump has been facing over his revoltingly sexist comments about Hillary Clinton using the "women card" to gain popularity, fellow idiot white male conservative Rush Limbaugh put forward what has to be the most idiotic defense of his best buddy in history. 

"During the break I was watching on CNN. They have three women there discussing how offended they are that Trump said that Hillary always plays the women card," said Limbaugh on his show today

"Can you -- Mr. Snerdley, can you see three men on TV discussing how offended they are that some female candidate had said something about men? It just doesn't happen. They have three women up there going on and on and on about how offended they were that Trump accused Hillary of playing the woman [card] which she does. She plays the woman, she plays whatever card she's got. She plays victim card, you name it."

In other words, Donald Trump's baseless, remarkably sexist comments about Hillary Clinton aren't sexist because women are incapable of determining what constitutes sexism. Of course the only people who really understand sexism are aging conservative white men, who incidentally also know what is best for women's reproductive systems

Also, Limbaugh statement that Hillary Clinton uses the fact that she is a woman to gain sympathy is a brilliant example of exactly the type of misogynistic crap women have had to deal with from morons like Limbaugh throughout history. It is incomprehensible to Limbaugh that women have succeed despite the existence of narrow minded bigots like himself -- but then that is what you'd expect from a man who believed the country was about to collapse by the mere presence of an African American president