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So, Hillary beat that ass Tuesday night, and over at The Young Turks' Bernie Bunker, Cenk Uygur is facing facts. Well, sort of. Cenk now acknowledges that Bernie's only shot at the nomination is for catastrophe to befall Hillary in the form of an FBI indictment. If you want to read why I'm both happy and sorry to disappoint Cenk, you can read that here and here, but it seems my old pal started a thing. 

Some dude over at Salon took Cenk's "facts are facts" take and turned it into a full-on wish for Hillary to be indicted that is so painfully dumb, it even got Joan Walsh to consider disowning her former home: 

Now, before anyone gets too outraged, let's all try to remember what Hillary Clinton's rationale for hanging in there was at about this time in 2008:

We all survived that, so let's give folks a little time to let Hillary's victory marinate.

This story also gave me a chance to remember the first time I ever got to meet Cenk in person, almost exactly eight years ago. It was in Asbury Park at a TYT fan meet-up, after which I asked Cenk about that very same Hillary Clinton quote:

Sorry, that's what cell phone video looked like back in the day. Just for fun, here are a few other pictures from that day. The first one is Cenk gamely posing for a picture in which I pretend to be arguing with him.


It was also eight years ago this week that I met Sally Albright, who was working advance for Hillary Clinton at her Pennsylvania victory party. I'll have more on that in next week's magazine, but here's a picture of Sally and me at the start of a beautiful friendship. If you're reading this, Hillary, make Sally your press secretary.