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This Democratic presidential campaign has revealed that, shocker, nobody's perfect, but there are moments that are beautiful enough to make it all worthwhile. Put away your Bernie hats and your Hillary hats for a second, and just appreciate this small but telling moment from Tuesday morning's Bernie Sanders interview on MSNBC.

Mark Halperin asked Bernie a question that was actually designed to trap him into a provocative answer, but reflected a pervasive attitude among many in the media, on the right, and even on the left, which is why my headline doesn't say I love Bernie and other "liberals" or "progressives." Halperin asks Bernie if there are any women he can think of who would be qualified to be vice president, and the thing that I love is the little noise Bernie makes before he answers, and tells Halperin that OF COURSE there are women who are qualified to be vice president, lots of 'em:

This seems like a small thing, but it really isn't. This is not an easy answer for a lot of people, and I don't just mean Republicans who search through binders or brag about the one lady they appointed that one time. Even a liberal woman like Susan Sarandon has trouble envisioning a qualified woman becoming president within a generation. The absurdity with which Bernie greeted that question made me proud. The question should have been, and should always be, "How many qualified women do we have time for you to name off the top of your head?"