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Here's Susan Sarandon Lying About Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

There she goes again.

So, Susan Sarandon told a big fat lie at Monday night's Bernie Sanders rally at Drexel University in Philadelphia. I've cut together two different videos of the event so you can also see one of the students heckle Sarandon with "Hillary Clinton for president!", but pay attention to what Sarandon says:

This is such an important election, I just wanted to read you this, a little something about Hillary Rodham Clinton. “HRC is driven by politics, not conviction. From the war, to NAFTA, to Social Security, to her choice of baseball teams, Clinton is constantly shifting, dodging and changing positions to satisfy the politics of the moment. Her penchant for secrecy and non-disclosure reflect an underlying disdain for the ‘invisible’ people for whom she claims to speak.” This was spoken by Barack Obama in 2008. So as we can see, the only thing consistent about Hillary Clinton is her inconsistency.

The quote is real, and Sarandon quotes it accurately, but it wasn’t from 2008, it was from 2007, but more importantly, it wasn’t “spoken by Barack Obama.”

That quote is from an internal memo that was compiled by then-Senator Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign, and was not made public until a few months ago. Now, I can already see the emails I’m going to get from my Bernie Sanders-supporting friends asking me how DARE I call Susan Sarandon a liar over such a “technicality” (you know who you are), you can read my explanation here, but the short answer is, why you gotta lie? If it makes no difference (it does make a difference though), then why lie?