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Watch Senator Lead Hillary Clinton Crowd in Literally The Worst Possible Song For Her

With friends like these...

If you haven't seen this yet, I won't ruin it for you, just don't read ahead. Senator Tom Carper warmed up the crowd at a Delaware Hillary Clinton rally Monday with an awful sing-along, and with literally the worst possible song he could have thought of. Like, if this had been a Bernie Sanders rally, people would be telling Bernie to delete his candidacy. Also amusing was Carper's call-and-response acknowledgement of Sen. Chris Coons. Pro tip: never have your rally crowd repeat "Coons" after you in isolation, unless you're Donald Trump:

For a candidate who has been under constant attack over campaign contributions, attacks which have included both the use of the word "whore" and fairly explicit stripper imagery, maybe "She Works Hard For the Money" is not the right song choice. I'm just sayin'.