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Slow-ish clap for Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who made a point of ostentatiously highlighting Politifact's check on whether there really is a problem involving trans-friendly restroom policies and sex crimes, and for concluding that he agrees this is a "solution in search of a problem":

It's only a slow-ish clap because this is so obvious, and because he didn't call out the hateful idiocy behind it. Also, about Politifact, good work, but also, fuck them, because even after all that, they only rated the claim "There have not been any public safety issues in cities that allow transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as" as "mostly true."

It is worth noting that the "problem" North Carolina is trying to "solve" is a Charlotte city ordinance that prohibits discrimination, so in that respect, Chris Wallace is wrong. The problem they're trying to solve is democracy. 

Bernie Sanders said that voter turnout among low-income voters is lower than among other groups, except he phrased it in the form of an offensive generalization:

As another interviewer pointed out to him later in the day, when poor people do vote, most of them vote for Hillary.

Also in that interview, right at the end of this answer about the soda tax, Bernie questions the legality of cigarettes:

Now, his position on cigarette taxes is one thing, but I would love to hear someone ask him if he thinks cigarettes should be outlawed, just because that would be awesome, but also whether he thinks tobacco companies should have been sued for selling a legal product. I suspect I know the answer to that, but it would be a fascinating discussion to have with him anyway.

Finally, here's Trump campaign savior Paul Manafort explaining away the secret tape of him selling Trump to the RNC: