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Rosario Dawson is at it again, having previously attacked Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton over the email bullshit and blamed her for the deaths of US servicemen in Iraq. At a rally in Wilmington, Delaware, Dawson was complaining about a social media initiative by pro-Clinton PAC “Correct the Record,” from which she said Sanders supporters were "literally under attack," when dropped a reference to Monica Lewinsky:

Now, before anyone gets too outraged here, it’s important to remember two things, the first and most important being that bringing up Monica Lewinsky is much more likely to hurt Sanders than it is to damage Hillary Clinton, whose approval ratings soared in the wake of her husband’s affair. 

But let’s all also remember the truly yellow associations that came out of Hillary Clinton’s own mouth during the 2008 campaign against then-Senator Barack Obama. I mean, Monica Lewinsky is no Hamas:

Just because Hillary did something doesn't make it right, but doesn't the fact that it failed ever sink in?

When Bernie was asked about it, he praised Dawson, and sought refuge in "context":

Sanders’ reference to “context” is an obvious tell that of course he’s seen the remark, and feels confident that the bullying pretext will hold up. Someone should tell Sanders and Dawson that this isn’t a new trick, and saying “cocaine” over and over again by talking about how they weren’t bringing up cocaine didn’t help that campaign, either:

My favorite part of that clip is John Edwards flack Joe Trippi riding in to Obama's "rescue" by saying "cocaine" a few more times.

Look, it ain't beanbag, and even if it was, bringing up Monica Lewinsky wouldn't help Bernie Sanders win at it any more than it's going to help him here.