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Issue 46 of our digital mag for members 'Banter M' is now out!!

In this week's edition: 


The World Didn't Need a Guns N' Roses Reunion - "In their prime, Guns N' Fucking Roses were a goddamn profane powerhouse, the pure embodiment of everything rock-and-roll was supposed to be." writes Chez Pazienza. But fast forward to 2016, and Guns N' Roses' headlining set this past weekend at Coachella was, according to Chez, "Embarrassing. Maybe another appropriate word would be cringe-worthy." What happened?

blind love.jpg

Blinded By Love - Bob Cesca argues that social networking is allowing us to follow campaigns and candidates more closely and more intimately than ever before, leading to a distorted view of reality and a potentially unhealthy "relationship" with their candidate.


Connecting The Dots - Tommy Christopher takes a wonderful trip down memory lane after doing some researching for a video of Hillary Clinton that took him to his childhood love of acting and close relationship with his mother.  

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