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At the tail end of Tuesday night's New York primary, I dipped into The Young Turks' live coverage to see how my pal Cenk was handling things. Not that I ever doubted it for a second, but he was facing the reality that's sinking in for a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters, and so was most of the rest of the panel of John Iadorola, Ana Kasparian, and Jimmy Dore. Most. Dore was going full Sarandon, calling Hillary a fascist, and literally saying that a Donald Trump victory would herald a glorious progressive revolution:

In an encouraging sign, Cenk smacked down that Bernie or Bust bullshit by pointing out what a disaster Trump would be:

As he was wrapping up, Cenk pretty clearly let on that the end is near for Bernie, even referring to him in the past tense at one point, but he rallied to predict that Sanders could still be in it if he wins Pennsylvania:

The real answer, of course, is that it was over last night, but Sanders should keep campaigning, and Cenk should keep trying to talk  Jimmy down.