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Apparently, Ted Cruz's minions in the House Dipshit Caucus is trying to inpeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, and so it was that TheBlaze's Fred Lucas asked Josh Earnest if the President still has confidence in the IRS chief on Monday. Earnest gave the emphatic boilerplate response that any of us could have written, but with a cherry on top that seemed specifically designed to make Ted Cruz's head explode, which is nice:

 Of course, he does. It is ridiculous for Republicans in Congress, who seek to gut funding for the IRS -- in some cases, they actually call for the outright abolition of the agency -- to be a fair arbiter of the effectiveness of the IRS Commissioner. The fact is, Mr. Koskinen has an extraordinarily difficult job, and it's made only more difficult because Republicans seek to try to cut the funding of his agency. He is somebody who undertakes that work with a lot of professionalism and seriousness of purpose, and he deserves our gratitude for his good work.