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Hillary Clinton did a really great interview for Power 101.5's The Breakfast Club this morning, but all anyone's talking about is hot sauce. Right at the end of the interview, she was asked what's something she always carries with her, and without missing a beat, replied "Hot sauce," which resulted in some needling from the hosts because of a reference to "hot sauce in the bag" in Beyonce's "Formation."

Naturally, this led to accusations of pandering, even though Hillary has actually been telling people for years that she packs hot sauce, and even though you could read her blank expression at the "Formation" reference from space.

There were also a couple of other amusing moments of realness from Hillary, who, despite the pandering chart, categorically refused to front when she was asked if she knew what "Run off on da plug twice" meant:

And when someone joked, in mid-coughing fit, that she sounded like she'd "got some medicinal," and replied "I need some."

That's how narratives work, though. Even when Hillary's real, she isn't.