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Here are a few odds and ends from this past week, and beyond.

Going through some old clips this week, I noticed how similar this 1992 man-on-the-street snippet from a guy with full-on Hillary Panic sounded to a certain 2016 campaign manager:

Speaking of the more things change, the more they stay the same, make what you will of this presidential candidate campaigning for single payer and against politicians who accept large donations from health insurance and pharmaceutical companies and their PACs:

That was Jerry Brown in 1992, adorably railing against "thousand dollar donations."

There are dead-enders and lifers on both sides of the Democratic primary battle, but in case you still held onto the idea that there's some sort of "both sides" symmetry to this, consider this follow-up from later in the "Democratic whores" rally, courtesy of Rosario Dawson:

She said "too many people have died because of the policies of some of the people who are running," but neither Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or John Kasich have enacted any foreign policy, so I guess she's talking about Hillary. Now, Barack Obama also ran against the Iraq War, but I don't recall, and correct me if I'm wrong, anyone ever accuse Hillary of getting people killed from one of his event stages. 

So, just in the past week, Hillary is a Democratic whore who gave us ISIS and killed veterans. 

At NAN this week, Hillary had an important message for White Americans:

Here's hoping Bill was listening.

Finally, this 09/13/2001 interview of Donald Trump at Ground Zero is remarkable not just for its non-clownishness (which is very remarkable), but for how closely Trump nails the eventual cost of rebuilding the area, which was last estimated at $14.8 billion: