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Watch President Obama Shoot Down Hillary Email Question in First Fox News Sunday Interview

"How many times do I have to say it, Chris?"
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For the first time since becoming president.President Barack Obama granted an interview to Fox News Sunday that was conducted Thursday, and aired this weekend. 

Of particular interest was the exchange over the much-hyped and ill-understood "email scandal" that has been thrown at Hillary Clinton. Although he conceded a "carelessness" with the handling of emails, the President said he was still confident that Hillary had not jeopardized national security, and he also explained the problem of "overclassification" a little bit:

Host Chris Wallace then went on an extended concern-troll about the impartiality of the Justice Department's investigation, which the President finally lost patience with a little bit. 

How many times can you be asked if you're sure you won't beat your wife?

Elsewhere in the interview, the President explained his view that it is a president's job not to panic in the face of terrorism, while also pointing out "I have taken more terrorists off the field than anyone else" in his term as president:

The President also again insisted that if Hillary Clinton wins, he won't withdraw Merrick Garland in the lame duck, but I still contend that this is only true until it isn't, and look at how he completely avoids the question at first:

Finally, Wallace asked that favorite of questions for President Obama, is he to blame for Trump and/or Sanders. The President refused that debate, instead explaining how people reinforce their own beliefs to such a point that compromise equates to corruption: