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On Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton had a great opportunity to fix former President Bill Clinton's massive cock-up when he defended Hillary's 1996 use of the term "Superpredators" by accusing activists of defending murderers.

She could have said "I've already apologized for a very poor choose of words that I used once, but I think Bill was trying to correct the impression that I was using it as a slur against African-Americans, and he did it in a wholly unacceptable way. I'm sorry he did that."

Instead, she said this:

What Hillary is trying to do here is to rest the issue on Bill's completely insufficient non-apology. There are two big problems with this response, the first being its rank insufficiency, but the second being the obviousness with which this answer was carefully workshopped and scripted, as evidenced by her repetition of it. A bad but authentic response would have been better than this.

On the bright side, Hillary continued to handle Bernie Sanders' "unqualified" attack on her like a boss, telling Jake Tapper that she has "nothing negative to say about him":

Bernie, on the other hand, told Tapper he has "doubts about what kind of president" Hillary would make: 

Here's a little problem: while answering a question about his NY Daily News interview, Bernie let on that he didn't know who former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren is:

Maybe next time, just let him finish asking the question. 

Bernie was also asked about the "Superpredators" remark, and he largely passed on attacking Hillary over it, but he did sort of dispute the key point, saying it had "race connotations at that time.":

Over on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Bernie "where are your tax returns?"

I'm not sure what the purpose of this emphasis is. What do people think they're going to find in there, big fat checks from Vermont public access TV?

On Face the Nation, John Kasich further doomed himself by refusing to say that Hillary Clinton isn't qualified to be president:

I feel a walkback coming on.

Kasich also says he would not have signed NC anti-LGBT law, which simultaneously screws him with GOP voters, and ensures the media will act like he's Jesus Ghandi for not wanting to discriminate against people:

That's pretty much it. Bernie was everywhere, as has been the case on many a Sunday. He regularly does close to a "Full Ginsburg" (he hit 4 shows today), something to remember next time he says the media is ignoring him. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, continues to carefully meter out her interviews.