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Just in case you weren't sure whether Florida governor and evil alien overlord Rick Scott was a special kind of horrible, he's apparently all too happy to step in and prove it to you. 

By now you've probably seen the viral clip from earlier in the week that showed Scott being run out of a Starbucks in Gainesville. What happened was, Scott and his entourage walked into the place to buy coffee but were met by a customer who commenced to verbally savaging the governor. Cara Jennings criticized his lack of support for Medicaid and Obamacare -- which has left so many in the state without affordable healthcare -- as well as his signing of a bill that denied funds for clinics that perform abortion and she called him an embarrassment and an asshole and said he should be ashamed of himself. By the end of the tirade, Scott is seen sheepishly scurrying for the exit -- minus the coffee.

Well, now Rick Scott is responding to this incident by calmly but firmly refuting Jennings's arguments, as you'd expect someone in a position as powerful as the governor of a state to do, right? Oh, hell no. No, Scott just released an attack ad aimed directly at Jennings through his political action committee, "Let's Get To Work." The ad, which was posted to Scott's official YouTube channel on Friday, is called "Latte Liberal Gets an Earful," an apparent play on the name of the original viral clip -- because when you're governor you really should be seen going tit-for-tat with average people.

The clip derisively accuses Jennings of laziness, saying that she wouldn't be struggling were she not "sitting around coffee shops, demanding public assistance, surfing the Internet, and cursing at customers who come in" and it highlights her past as a Lake Worth city commissioner. According to the ad, she's not just any former Lake Worth city commissioner. The clip claims right off the top that Jennings once "refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance" and that she "call(ed) herself an anarchist," because again, character assassination against a private citizen is a really good look for a governor. 

Look, under no circumstances can Rick Scott sit on some high horse and criticize anyone for alleged bad behavior. We're talking about a corporate rip-off artist who before being elected governor pleaded guilty to 14 felonies and had to pay $600 million back to the government -- all because he ran a healthcare company like a criminal enterprise. And whether Cara Jennings's past as an elected official opens her up to more criticism than she could expect had she always been a nobody -- and it's not like being on the city commission in Lake Worth makes one a "somebody" -- it's just bad optics and an underhanded, dick move for a sitting state governor to resort to highly personal attacks on someone like her. That says nothing of going through the trouble of digging through her past for dirt and then creating an entire attack ad aimed at her. 

But then, Rick Scott has never been a decent, ethical person. In fact, he's exactly the opposite. He's a piece of shit, through and through.